overview of

customized training

  • • I move therefore I say
  • mastery of non verbal language
  • • speaking in the first person
  • to be unique, real and efficient
  • •  speaking in the second person
  • to connect and interact with the listener
  • • speaking in the third person
  • to know how to represent the company
  • • company spokesperson
  • to convey the company image
  • • speaking in public vs. talking to the public
  • the difference between being listened to and being heard
  • • it's women's time to speak
  • validation and good use of gender
  • • i-media
  • the medium is the message
  • • empowerment and leadership
  • to know, to want, and to be able to deliver
  • • one team – one message – one direction
  • team building
  • • handling objectivity and subjectivity
  • to master the planning of your topic
  • • effective presentations
  • to reach – to captivate – to convince


Training, consulting and coaching services for speakers in leadership; development of full potential for public speakers to optimize their communication skills.
Expertise in verbal and non-verbal communication and self awareness.